Square surface mounted powerfull ledfixture for accent lighting applications.
The fixture is made of powder coated aluminium and has 2 main parts: the led housing, with 4 powerleds combined with mirror polished aluminium reflectors and the base which houses the gear and the connector block. The led housing is connected with a visible hinge to the base, so it is very obvious how to orient the light.

The PORIFERATM system is used as a heat sink for the powerleds and as an aesthetical design of the fixture.
Convertor is incorporated allowing the device to operate direct on mains 230V.

Materials and finish:

The housing is made of powder-coated aluminium available in textured white and textured black finish.
The reflectors are made in mirror polished aluminium, available beam angles: 10° & 40°
Heatsink is made in PORIFERATM

Installation and lamp replacement:

Installation: Ceiling bracket is first fixed to the ceiling, the electrical connection needs to be made and then the fixture is screwed on the ceiling bracket.

Technical data:

Luminaire dimensions: 100X100X85 (closed)
Weight: 0,8 kg
Adjustability: By incorporated hinge:0-90°

Electrical data:

Lamp type: Powerled
Lamps: 4X3W (548lm)
Control gear: Incorporated (700mA – 230V/50Hz)
Input supply voltage: 230V-50Hz
Connector block: 3x2,5mm²
Glow wire resistance: 960°
IP rating: IP20