Product description

The CAD 60 equipped with the FORTIMO 300 led system is a small square downlighter which generates 300 lumen. The beam angle is 40°, so this fixture is ideal for accent lighting purposes.
The heatsink is the the same one used to cool down computer processors and is very effective.
The ledspot is placed a little deeper inside the fixture for anti-glare reasons.

Product variants


Materials and finish:

Fixture is made in steel with textured black or white powdercoating
Heatsink: Black anodized Aluminium

Installation and lamp replacement:

The unit is installed by means of 2 torsion springs for hollow ceiling systems.

Technical data:

Cut-out: Square hole 60X60mm
Installation height: 100 mm (incl. Terminal block holder)
Luminaire dimensions: 70X70X95 mm
Weight: 0,4 kg
Beam Angle: Beam120°
Accessories: 250796 Installation frame for plaster

Electrical data:

Lamp type: Fortimo 300 Ledsystem
Lamps: Led 300lumen
Lampholders: N/A
Control gear: not included
Input supply voltage: 350-700mA
Connector block: 2X2,5mm² with strain relief
Glow wire resistance: 960°C
IP rating: IP20