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Frou Frou
Frou Frou
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The Frou Frou is the first parasol that goes along with its environment, because each breeze lets him dance to the rhythm of the wind. General Manager Pierre Christiaens: “The Frou Frou brings a playfull dynamic on your terrace because of his continuous movement and his surprising flat form.”

The word “Frou Frou” is derived from the French verb Frou Frouter, which means “to rustle”. The design is inspired by the traditional archetype of the raffia parasol, which on his turn is engrafted onto the straw parasol from exotic resorts. The raffia evokes images of warm, white beaches with waving palms and rustling skirts. Even when the sun is not shining, the look of the parasol will bring you in the mood.

A traditional parasol is always designed starting from the outside/ top of the parasol. When you are standing next to it or you are looking at it from a distance, the parasol is beautiful. When you are sitting under the parasol, you are looking at the visual unattractive techniques of ribs, pulleys etc. That’s why the idea of placing the parasol “upside down” has grown: the technique is hidden from the view (is situated on the top of the parasol) and the raffia freely hangs in the wind.

This principle makes that the Frou Frou is the first parasol that goes along with its environment. The least breeze lets the raffia dance to the rhythm of the wind. Most of the parasols experience big disadvantages because of the wind. This parasol takes its advantage of the wind. In addition, the rustling of the wind through the raffia produces a very attractive sound, just like the wind blowing through a wheat field or the gurgling of a calm sea (Frou Frouter).
The visual spectacle of that seething mass is reinforced by the shadow- and lightgame that arises when the sunrays come through the raffia.

The form, a flat, horizontal disc on a slender, vertical pole looks original and surprising: this is apparently not a traditional parasol. The Frou Frou is an attractive, contemporary object that furnishes the terrace in a beautiful way and brings a new sensual experience: look, fondle and listen.

The base is integrated in the parasol, which creates a perfect visual unit. Most parasol bases don’t form a perfect unit with the parasol and are therefore often a necessary evil, and putting a bit of a blot on the picture.

The Frou Frou is a design of Davy Grosemans for Sywawa and exists in 3 colours: white, black and green.