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Commissioned by the groovy parasol brand ‘Sywawa’ Dutchman Jan Melis has designed a parasol base that is a table and a stool at the same time.
General Manager Pierre Christiaens: “This is the first parasol base that is beautiful to look at, moreover it combines several functions.

Most people dislike traditional parasol bases. They are often bulky, ugly, heavy and difficult to move. Furthermore, they stand in the way and you can stub your toes against them. It is therefore that Jan Melis took up the challenge to design a parasol base people really like: an elegant, beautiful object that is easy to move. The result of this is the Cube.

Jan Melis: ‘When designing the Cube we pursuited several functions within 1 product: the Cube is a handy parasol base where you can put your mobile or your beer on. Tumble the Cube upside down and the beautiful parasol base becomes an elegant pouf to sit under your parasol.” The cube is very handy indeed, where else do you have to put your glasses or your book when sitting under your parasol? The Cube has 2 surfaces where you can safely put all those things. When using the Cube as a parasol base you can make him heavier by filling it with watter or sand.

The Cube exists in 3 colours: white, lime green and taupe. Matching cushions and clip for parasol are available.