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Ultramarine [Digital Lace]
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Ultramarine all over pattern

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Emma Jeffs is an award winning surface designer. Through her work Emma has developed a unique process - “Digital Lace” which involves layering pigments and mesh fused into various plastics via a novel printing process. This creates hive-like patterns in which the colour migrates into clusters and has been described as “a 21st century equivalent of stained glass”.
The Independent Magazine, 20 Oct 2001

All materials are printed and produced by hand and due to the novel production process employed variations in colour and design give the finished material its uniqueness. The bespoke material gives you approximately a 1-5 cm edge around the edge of the material. For example if you order a piece of material one metre wide by one metre in drop the pattern / lace will cover approximately 90 – 98 cms with a edge of plastic covering approximately 1-5 cms all the way round. The pattern / lace will never be to the edge of the plastic material. This pattern edging is a distinct design feature of the material.
Each design is offered in various colour ways however they can be made in a variety of other colours, please contact us if you should have any specific requests. All materials are produced to order lead times are 4 - 8 weeks.

All materials are produced to order. Please contact us with your dimensions in cm. The maximum size we can produce is 100 x 200 cms.