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Product description

Free space and privacy

SINUS - the universal shelve. Combine widths, heights, depths as you wish. You determine where flaps, doors or inner drawers are found. The boards are kept invisible through concealed fi¬ttings. Refi¬ned, resistant and robust at the same time: tabletop in ethno oak
SINUS: combination.

W 340 cm | H 219.2 cm | D 35 cm

Table: custom-made product.

W 80 cm | L 200 cm | H 75 cm

Product family


SINUS - the perfect shelf for endless libraries

Our shelving system SINUS is as flexible as possible so that you can realize your individual home solutions. Choose between our versatile measures. Horizontal shelves (flush-mounted) and vertical side panels structure these fronts. Flush-mounted doors and drawers emphasize the look. Design your own combinations. Those who want can add large sliding doors to their libraries; they are light and quiet and run on a special track.

All from a single cast
Versatile solutions – perfect finish: Whether finest lacquered surfaces, noble wooden fronts or both – we assure a perfect, homogeneous finish. The grain textures of our wooden surfaces are continuous, seamless, fluent to the last detail. No mismatch, no interruption.

SINUS plus corners and edges
Whether you want to build up edges or around corners SINUS overcomes all obstacles and uses space optimally. Fitting into corners, extending loft spaces or using recesses, it’s all possible with the wide choice of unit widths and depths. You can fit out a complete interior, sloping ceilings and uneven alignments notwithstanding, to produce an attractive overall impression. SINUS gives your living room a clean new look.