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It's all about the setting. Game is the name of the new collection of stand-alone pieces.
The new collection Game by Sudbrock creates a very special setting for small everyday objects. The new range unites tradition and simpleness, yet infuses it with a good dose of trendiness. The result is pieces of furniture that are appealing thanks to their clean lines and naturally elegant look. What makes them so special? The corpus of the pieces is mitred, making the stand-alones look incredibly lightweight and harmonious.
Whether sideboard or a high board that is mounted or standing, the customer has a selection of ten different corpus versions to choose from. The interior modules, such as doors, drawers, closures and open surfaces, come in several combinations. The many different woods and colours available ensure that the stand-alone is a distinct individual piece of furniture.

Combination game
Game collection extended
Sudbrock has extended its Game collection: formerly consisting only of freestanding furniture, various small shelf units, high, low and sideboards, and entire wall combinations have now been added to the Game series.
The core element is the carcass with its fine frame. The perfect craftsmanship of the corner connections is the result of an extensive mitring process, after which they are finished with a step offset to the inside.
The individual box elements offer plenty of scope for creative minds. For instance, open and closed boxes, small shelf units and display cabinets can be combined just as the customer wishes. They are available in various sizes, woods and colours. The collection also includes large box elements as highboards, sideboards and drawer units with interiors arranged in different ways. There are lots of wood varieties and colours to choose from. Whether the carcasses are to be lined up together or stacked, hung or placed on a surface, with legs or without – there is almost no limit to the design options with Game.