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Anyone wanting to design his or her own piece of living room furniture will find a whole range of colours, woods, shapes and sizes. The CUBO modular system offers almost unlimited combination and variation options.

It always makes a perfect picture: This system is based on a flexible body design. Each body is bevelled and glued. The body can be arranged as a floor-mounted element but can also be stacked on top of each other. They are equipped with fittings for wall mounting as standard. All fronts are butt-closing fronts. All body depths can be combined with each other.

Cubo - Simply Box
Living room design with sound factor The first home entertainment furniture by Sudbrock
The claim of the new "sound furniture" by Sudbrock is to pair first-class audio pleasure with appealing living room design. The concept: the customer's sound system including speakers is integrated into a well- designed piece of furniture featuring a smart cable routing system according to his or her wishes. Amplifiers, satellite receivers, hi-fi systems, DVD and Blu-Ray players - all devices are perfectly arranged, easy to reach and operated by infrared repeaters. The result: pesky technology modules disappear from sight and a tidy living room invites you to enjoy an unparalleled sound experience.

The Simply Box is the right choice for everyone looking for suitable speakers. The speakers, developed by the company, are attuned to the entire sound furniture and discreetly integrated. An audio pleasure that appeals to the eyes as well. The speakers are available with 70 and 80 watt sound output and can be connected everywhere. Deep and powerful bass sounds and delicate and soft tones can all be heard crystal clear and provide spectacular and top quality sounds.

OfficeLine: the new home office by Sudbrock
As a system specialist for the living area, Sudbrock knows well how to combine discerning design with a high level of functionality for daily office life. Office-Line presents clever new desk options. Thus, for instance, the angled desk solution with the integrated sideboard provides an additional storage surface and useful storage space. Alternatively, there are numerous other add-on versions of the carcasses to choose from. The customer decides on the components such as doors, drawers, flaps, open compartments and integrated cable outlet. The desk tops can be chosen in an elegant, read wool veneer or colour lacquer, matt or high gloss.
The clear lines of the shelf units and cupboards are both practical and an aesthetic highlight in the home office. Closed and open compartments are combined, and the dimensions matched perfectly to the size of the files. Something else that is special: the side panels of the shelf units have a fine grid dimension of 30 mm. This guarantees maximum flexibility when dividing up the furniture interiors. The shelf units for files are available in veneered finishes, lacquered or in hard-wearing melamine.
Thanks to the tremendous selection of formats, finishes, colours and woods, Sudbrock's office solutions are easy to integrate in personal interior designs.