Product description


Contoured plywood shells available in 14 standard finishes, with multiple upholstery options

Armless with optional factory-installed ganging.

Arm with pads of thermoplastic elastomer.

Powder-painted or chrome-plated steel frames.

Counter and bar-height stools with and without arms; standard and small shells.

Transport dolly.

Sustainable Design Features

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Allround radiates graceful, balanced softness. Boris Berlin, one half of the Iskos-Berlin design team, summed up its aesthetics as follows: “Probably the most complicated and noble discipline is to design without egotistic eccentricity. We set out to create a simple, well-functioning chair that has a quiet, but strong identity. Our goal was to make Allround both comfortable and harmonious. These chairs work in any architectural setting, doing equally well clustered around a table or in big numbers in conference halls and auditoriums.