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Kubus I

Soundproofing room-in-room systems from Strähle

Product description

Room-in-room system with single glazing

Open office layouts require room-in-room solutions that are easy to integrate. The Kubus I system from Strähle can be used as a place for concentrated work, a place for retreat and also as a meeting room in open-plan layouts. Wherever the focus is on maximum transparency and openness, Kubus I is the perfect solution thanks to its fully-glazed construction with toughened glass flush to the outside.

In the standard version, the Kubus comes equipped with a ventilation unit and a suspension lamp. The room acoustics are optimised by an acoustically effective ceiling and a microperforated wall absorber. With soundproofing values of up to R’w 37 dB, Kubus I combines discretion with premium design quality.
Manufacturer Strähle
Family Kubus I
Architonic ID 1489394
Year of Launch 2016

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