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WL1 Norduljós - Gravur Foss Pendant
WL 1 Norduljós Edition Heather Gillespie
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Product description

3 designs | 3 hand-engraved and hand-blown crystal tubes, 1 polished copper tube | edition of 5 point led 3 x 4 w (1,290 lm) + spot led 4w (430 lm), 3,000 kelvin, cri=90 | surface canopy Ø 520 x 40 mm

Length 550 mm / Ø 55 mm
Ø 520 mm H 40 mm
Ø 320 mm

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Art Editions by WL 1 „Norduljós“
To us, a lamp is far more than a product that fulfils its purpose. In the case of our WL1, it affords creative people an ideal format in which to express themselves. In the coming years, we plan to bring out regularly art editions of our WL1. We will be putting our cylindrical diffusor and its highly technical inner workings into the hands of a select few artists and asking them to explore its possibilities. And when we do that, you can be sure these editions will live up to high expectations. They will all be unique pieces: signed, numbered editions. It is no coincidence that our choice for this year was Heather Gillespie.

The Rekís, Foss and Steinn Groups
In addition to this installation, as the central focus, Heather planned small groups, each with its own theme. These were to be used individually or in a four-pendulum ensemble. The result was three motifs, each produced in an edition of five, on the themes Rekís, Foss and Steinn.

Rekís (Drift Ice)
Soft light penetrates hundreds of depressions worked around the cylinder. Between them, soft curves break their rhythm. New shapes and lustres appear at every new angle. The light creates the impression of imperceptible yet constant movement. Indeed, it recalls broken ice floes on the eternal sea.

Foss (Waterfall)
Surfaces, lines, dots. Surfaces, lines, dots. Yes, you can envisage the waterfall emerging from a river and its waves, gathering itself up to tumble down. Drops of water, spray, mist. Wonderful – Heather whisks our thoughts away to her home region.

Steinn (Stone)
What at first sight appears as lines reveals itself to be a collection of the finest strings of pearls vertically worked onto the glass body. Filigree and fragile, a tiny light is enclosed within each engraved depression. Are these depressions the traces a rolling stone leaves behind in the sand – or merely a pattern? Metaphorically speaking, „Steinn“ also denotes „locked in“ or „secret“. Perhaps that was what Heather had in mind, too.