Product description

fine 0,4 – 1,4 mm


Starshine® granulate is available in a range of grain sizes and can be used either as a pre-fired raw material or as an unfired material for use in further processing. Starshine® granulate form the basis for all our innovations and provide the creative impulse for our partners.

Areas of application

* Additive for Starshine® glassterrazzo
* Decorative element both indoors and outdoors
* Promotional give-aways at display events
* Decorative coverings in gardens
* Flat roof coverings
* Decorative edging for paths, flower beds, or patios
* Fillings for decorative glass containers
* Decorative layers in planters and flower beds
* Parking space markings
* Decorative coverings in parks
* Backfill material for drains and walls

Product benefits

* Distinctive decorative feature
* Color is baked in to the granulate, not bonded with resin as is usually the case
* Starshine® granulate terrazzo floors display three-dimensional optical effects after polishing
* 32 different colors in several different grain sizes offer a wide variety
* Predominantly recycled materials

Technical specifications

* Color intensive and colorfast
* Baked-in color means no signs of weathering
* Withstands both pedestrian and vehicle traffic
* Resistant to acids and alkalis
* Self-cleaning using either natural rainfall or artificial sprinklers
* Completely recyclable

Manufacturing process

We always keep the environment in mind when manufacturing Starshine® products. Recycled glass accounts for the greater part of our production processes. We also save energy, time, and production costs by fusing the glass granulate at a temperature significantly below that normally required by such processes.

Starshine® granulate fired
Using a new and unique process, pre-fired Starshine® granulate is color-coated and fired again at 700°C in a tunnel kiln.

Starshine® granulate unfried
The second type of Starshine® granulate is unfired, and can be pre-mixed with the color of your choice to produce a raw material that is ready for further processing into a Starshine® fusion product.