SweetSaunaPro Vision

Saunas from Starpool, Designed by Cristiano Mino

Product description

The Vision version of SweetSaunaPro is an encounter between wood and glass, creating a pleasant feeling of freedom and lightness for the heat bath of the Finnish sauna. The front wall of tempered crystal glass opens up space to create an evocative environment where, for the first time, the sauna becomes an exclusive furnishing element for the spa. The color of the fading LED bar RGB follows the elegant lines of the slats, and emphasizes shapes and materiality. The harmony of materials esthetically fascinating such as oak wood, crystal/marble wall behind the stove and tempered glass of the door create the ideal environment to satisfy your desires. SweetSteamPro is a finished product available in two coatings: "Cortina" and "Milano", and comes with rich equipment - lighting and audio MP3 in series. The internal stove recreates the principles of the Finnish sauna (temperature to 90°C and 10-20% relative humidity), alternatively, the stove with humidifier offers soft sauna with temperature to 50-60°C and 40-60% relative humidity.

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Categorised in Spa - Saunas - Contract.
Part of the collection PROFESSIONAL.
Manufacturer Starpool
Family Saunas
Architonic ID 1216659

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