SweetSauna 50

Saunas from Starpool, Designed by Cristiano Mino

Product description

SweetSauna50 is a thermo Sauna that recreates the principles of the Roman baths in less than 3 meters square, offering soft and embracing sensations. SweetSauna50 offers a complete multisensory experience with a style never seen before: in the bedroom, the bathroom, or in a personal area of the SPA. Forged by Starpool’s experience, SweetSauna50 accommodates up to two people in a sensory environment. The "Milano" coating of the walls with alternated slats in brushed natural oak encounters nuances of dark oak Thermowood offering a contrast accentuating the depth. The heat released by radiation from the wall recreates the principles of the baths (50°C and relative 10-20% humidity).

With a simple touch on SweetSauna50 panel will enable the following functions:
● heat bath – thermo sauna;
● 4 wellness paths (Excite, relax, tonic and purify), each being characterized by a 20-minute steam bath themed with music, color, aroma, and sensory shower;
● LED bar RGB with to combine your favorite colors into a fade;
● Music: play - stop and skip audio MP3 with predisposition

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Categorised in Spa - Saunas - Steam cabins - Residential.
Part of the collection HOME.
Manufacturer Starpool
Family Saunas
Architonic ID 1216201
Year of Launch 2011

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