Product description

Architonic ID 1376333
Year of Launch 2014
Shaped Beech wood modules
Surface in high pressure laminate, white (shock strength, scratch an abrasion resistant)

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The elegant design accounts for the kitchen´s characteristic exterior that allows for stylish integration in any possible interior. A kitchen à la maison can be conjured up from the kitchen modules of the A la carte II system. By breaking down the conventional kitchen structure into individual task modules the A la carte II system can be adapted to any room setting to fit the existing type of connection (wall related / free-standing / room partition).

The carefully chosen cuts and set-offs combined with the smart double-wall design of the construction provides adequate space for installation and cable runs for the connection of any electrical appliance within each unit or between the units without the need of further machining.The notches and the bisected back cover eliminate the need for machining even for water pipes.

A magnet joins the modules one to another. Further accessory is a repository to be used in the emerging gap between two modules. It carries a chopping board or can serve as a small dish rack as well as a simple basin for fruit or kitchen garbage. There is even room for the kitchen garden.

The basic modules each come with a standard configuration that can be modified in different ways.
Except for the sink module two drawers are standard equipment. There are several options to equip the middle section: Any electrical appliance of the compact class (oven / steamer / dish washer/ cool drawer) can be integrated as well as a waste system or additional storage by two extra drawers.

Levelling the modules is provided by the vertically adjustable aluminium feet.

The two sockets element “Twist” is offered as additional equipment to be fitted in any working top.

The furniture look-and-feel of A la carte II is ideal for office interiors as well as for the privacy of your home. It provides various options, both in looks and in construction. Depending on the space available the modules of the A la carte II system can meet any upcoming needs. A small coffee-kitchen is just as easy to realize as a stylish apartment kitchenette or a great kitchen block.
And the good thing about the A la carte II is that you can upgrade at any time…


A la carte II modular kitchen

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