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Wishbone Series Dining - ECC
Wishbone Series
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Product description

Available as a dining table or desk, this design pairs our signature wishbone castings with Engineered Cementitious Composite (ECC).

• 42” W x 90” L x 29-1/2” H
• 42” W x 115” L x 29-1/2” H
• 42” W x 138” L x 29-1/2” H
Materials and Finishes
ECC Pigment Options:
• 1000 White
• 1000 Black
• Natural Shade
• Clean Grey
*Colour and texture varies between production runs. Please note that images are not fully representative of final colouring - physical samples are available on request.
Metal Options:
• Cast Iron with Wax Finish
• Cast Iron with Nordy Bronze Plate
• Polished Cast Aluminum with Wax Finish
• Blackened Cast Aluminum with Wax Finish
• Polished Cast Bronze with Wax Finish
• ~365 - 675 lbs.
*Please note that weight will depend on size and material specifications.

Product family


Wishbone Series is available as a dining table desk, or console. STACKLAB’s signature cast-metal Wishbone leg represents the firm’s first foray into iterative, digital prototyping, a technique that surpasses physical testing in its ability to optimize form and significantly reduce waste.

The leg was originally created in aluminum to work with a 16’ long x 48” wide x 3” thick hardwood tabletop. The form was optimized for several structural stresses, such as deflection and frequency. Since then, the materials palette has been expanded to include bronze and iron, which perform similarly. The sand-casting process produces faintly perceptible irregularities that enhance the leg’s tactile appeal.

Dining and desk tabletops are available as solid domestic hardwood slabs, joined solid domestic hardwood boards with reinforcing stitch joints in the same metal as the legs, and Engineered Cementitious Composite (ECC).

In the joined-hardwood top, the slightly different appearance of each board—so unlike the unnatural perfection of veneered furniture—generates unusual variety. STACKLAB welcomes the small variances found in natural materials whose inconsistencies disqualify their use in typical furniture applications. The Wishbone series exemplifies STACKLAB’s belief that all materials are inherently beautiful.

ECC resembles, but is more elastic and less brittle than, concrete, and better suited for the building of furniture. It uses recycled glass as an aggregate and recycled fiber as a reinforcing agent.

The Wishbone Series console pairs STACKLAB’s signature Wishbone leg with a matching demilune or rectangular tabletop of solid aluminum or domestic hardwood.