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WAVE Acoustic absorber ceiling
WAVE Acoustic absorbers
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Highly Aesthetic Sound Absorbing Modules

Time and again we are annoyed with unfavorable room acoustics. An acoustically well-balanced room can drastically improve the perceived quality of life and work. For a long time, this issue has been neglected by planners and architects. Therefore, acoustics has become an important aspect of architecture, not only in new projects, but also when it comes to interior renovations. Sound-absorbing ceilings or panels can provide relief, but rarely are they attractive or easy to integrate into the existing room concept. Moreover, they are usually difficult and expensive to install subsequently to the completion of the interior decoration. The very effective acoustic absorption system WAVE contributes to any room’s aesthetics and the product is perfectly suitable for subsequent installation in an already fully equipped interior. When being back-lit, the acoustic absorbers generate smooth and diffused light-and shadow-effects. The material used to manufacture WAVE modules is an open-pored foam with strong absorption properties.
The design-inherent spatiality puts the chosen material to its ideal use. The absorption and diffusion effects are created not only by the multilateral impact of sound waves upon the base material, but also by the interference of several lamellae.
Not with standing the virtually unlimited possibilities of a specially developed software to create customized modules, the standard product line offers off-the-shelf elements. This product line is a modular construction system consisting of four basic forms of standard acoustic absorbers A, B, C and D, which can be combined in any desired way and thus meet the acoustic requirements of almost every room while nevertheless always forming one visually coherent structure. The undulations of the standard acoustic absorbers A, B, C and D can be mirrored, repeated, diffracted or combined. These options yield a nearly unlimited number of possible variants. Thanks to the modular assembly system, each single position can assume as many as 64 different forms: 2 sides x 2 mirrorings x 2 directions x 4 standard types = 64 possibilities.
The minimized use of base material and the fact that this open-pored foam material is extremely lightweight leads to standard absorbers which at a size of 121 cm x 121 cm x 24 cm merely weigh 360 grams each. This total weight already includes the recyclable aluminum outer frame which serves to stabilize the structure and facilitates both the joining together and the installation of the modules. The above mentioned foam material is certified to Oeko-Tex® standard 10.0.79425, is not electrostatically chargeable, and will not fade. Owing to its light weight, WAVE acoustic absorbers can even be installed on ceilings and walls with inbuilt radiators or air-conditioning systems. Very small screws, adhesive joints or Velcro strips will easily hold the modules in place. Furthermore, the foam material is fire-retardant (B1) and is therefore suitable for installation in public facilities. The size of the square standard acoustic absorber is 121 cm + 4 cm of required space in between the single modules, amounting to a total dimension of 125 cm, which corresponds exactly to two units of the standard drywall sheet measuring 62.5 cm. Each WAVE module is equipped with the before mentioned lightweight aluminum outer frame, which facilitates the joining together of two or more WAVE modules as well as the standard installation on walls or ceilings. Fully assembled and securely packed in recyclable cardboard boxes, WAVE acoustic absorbers can be shipped to any destination worldwide. The quick and easy installation of the modules on walls or ceilings is absolutely convenient, inexpensive and reduces the downtime of rooms that are being retrofitted with WAVE acoustic absorbers to no or very little time.

Size: Length x width x depth: 1210 mm x 1210 mm x 240 mm
Square measure: 1.46 m2
Materials: Melamine resin foam, 10 mm, Aluminum frame, 10 mm x 10 mm
Colors: White, light gray

One mounting set for acoustic modules is sufficient for the suspension of one WAVE module with four anchorage points. Each mounting set contains four ready-made wire cables with a diameter of 1 - 1.2 mm and a length of one meter. Four thread terminals and four vertically adjustable ceiling fixtures are included.
Material: Steel. If several modules are to be connected in suspension, spacers will be needed to maintain the contact spacing of 1250 mm when aligning the single modules.
Two types of spacers for acoustic modules are available: One type which serves to link two modules on the outer rim of a whole field of modules and another type which serves to connect four modules within the field. Choose freely: All WAVE objects can be developed and delivered in any desired shape, with customized undulations and made to fit the required installation depth. The WAVE team will be happy to advise and support their customers, whether it be a standard application or the fruition of a particular idea to meet special requirements.