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Ana Lounge Chair / Footstool
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United States
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Product description

Designed and manufactured by Aristeu Pires in Brazil

Lounge chair with a blend of foam and down feathers.

Size (W x L x H)
75 x 88 x 100 cm / 29.52 x 34.64 x 39.37 inch
Seat Height 19.5 inch
Arm Height 21 inch

Footstool with a blend of foam and down feathers.

Size (W x L x H)
61,5 x 48 x 43 cm / 24.21 x 18.89 x 16.93 inch
Seat Height 20 inch

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This chair’s comfort continues long into the evening starting with pre-, during and post-dinner conversation, victuals and drinks. Sporting just a hint of a tilt or swing as the seat moves toward but doesn’t quite connect to the hind legs (ever a nod to the ubiquitous swinging Brazilian hammock), she is steady and sweet and remains comfortable all night long. Solid, remarkable with a touch of intrigue best visible from her profile view, she holds her own.

By Aristeu Pires, handcrafted from sustainably harvested Brazilian hardwood wood.