Product description

Amélie - W67 x D59 H87 cm

Product family


Italo Pertichini designs for SLIDE the Amélie collection, which includes two types of seats, stool and coffe-table. The seat Amélie is a stackable chair with beautiful, fluid lines. Combinable to this seat is Amélie Duetto, a two seat sofa that can be as well piled on top of each other. The added, innovative benefit that can be stacked solves all space-related problems, increasing the products practicality and versatility.

Another product part of the collection is Amélie Panchetta that can also be used as a coffee-table, combinable with the seats and Amélie Stool. Equally perfect for homes and public use, Amélie blends comfort and a lightweight, practical design achieved through a masterly use of polyethylene worked with the rotational moulding  technique.