Product description

Size: - Large 96 x 60 x h 26 cm (60W – 220Vac/36Vdc – 5.000 Lumen) - Small 53 x 35 x h 25 cm (35W – 220Vac/36Vdc – 2.500 Lumen)
Colour: Prisma
Made of: Lenti ex®, Polycarbonate, Stainless Steel With: Red wrapped or transparent electric wire

Product family


Hanami is a symbol of delicate poetry, taking its name from the traditional Japanese ritual of observing blossoming cherry trees. The Hanami family includes ethereal suspensions, available in two sizes, as well as an applique version that rede nes the traditional ceiling lamp concept. Hanami’s unique, delicately coloured illumination is distributed throughout hand-folded owers made of Lenti ex®, a noble material that recreates diamond-like re ections, mounted on a painted steel and polycarbonate frame that houses its LED sources.