Product description

Height: 78 cm
Width: 52 cm
Depth: 59 cm
Seat height: 45 cm
Weight: 7 kg

Stackable chair with mesh backrest. Frame in chromium or black lacquered metall.

Product family


Sitter S is something as unusual as a conference and visitor’s chair that is actually comfortable to sit in. The relaxing mesh-fabric backrest and generous proportions provide optimum support, while the fabric gives the chair a light, airy appearance. Sitter S is ideal both as a solitaire and arranged in groups or rows.

Sitter L, a babyseat for grown-ups. Sit, curl up or lean back in this gently swaying petal-shaped seat and enjoy all the comfort you’ve ever dreamed of. The chair holds you in its embrace and the fabric envelops your body to provide a soothing haven from the stress of everyday life.