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Sitag MCS room dividing partition system | gable stand-up table
Sitag MCS room dividing partition
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SITAG MCS ROOM-DIVIDING PARTITION SYSTEM transform rooms into flexible, demand-oriented workplaces. With their architectural sophistication and their flexibility, they enable effectively switching between communication and concentration, between contact and withdrawal. They implement structure in modern office landscapes. They screen out acoustic and visual effects and therefore enable concentrated work and promote individual well-being. Their modularity and their simple installation enable flexible use and a great diversity of expansion possibilities.

Openness demands detachment. Teamwork needs isolation and quiet zones. SITAG MCS ROOM-DIVIDING PARTITION SYSTEMS assure undisturbed, concentrated work in a pleasant atmosphere. Adapt your room structure entirely to your requirements: with solutions that are flexible and elegant and have outstanding acoustic characteristics. An interesting complement to the SITAG MCS roomdividing partition system is seating modules. They can be joined in a straight line and angled off with corner elements. Interesting solution possibilities are especially feasible in combination with gable lounge tables – which can also be used independently of the SITAG MCS room-dividing partition system. The elegant seating modules are ideal in providing conference corners for teams, lounge areas, and waiting zones.

The perfect add-ons to the SITAG MCS ROOM DIVIDING PARTITION SYSTEM and to the SITAG MCS CABINET SYSTEM are the gable standup tables from the SITAG MCS ROOM DIVIDING PARTITION SYSTEM and the gabletable attachment units from the SITAG MCS CABINET SYSTEM. The application possibilities for these addons are many and various: they can provide numerous solutions – extending, for example, from conference corners to customer reception areas. They are available in many model variants, with synthetic, veneer, and linoleum surfaces.