Product description

Trim square 170

L220 H33 D90
With led 3000K 230V 1153 lm
Rated luminaire luminous flux: 519 lm
Rated input power: 13.5W
Efficiency: 38,4 lm/W

Trim square 240

With leds white 3000K CRI90 1800lm
Rated luminaire luminous flux 800lm
Rated input power 18W 230V
Computer-simulated photometrics

Product family


Bright solids and voids that impeccably integrate architecture and lighting design. A functional synthesis between thin shapes and the strength of aluminium.
Characterized by square and essential lines, Trim is a structured lighting piece, which is suitable for any type of context, whether classic or modern. It creates a charming atmosphere for the surrounding space.
As a result of the union between aluminum and glass, Trim is an extremely versatile solution for indirect lighting and can be mounted on a wall or pole.