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SLOT POLE is a minimalist pole-top luminaire for urban illumination.
Its asymmetric optic is directed downwards, thus allowing optimum light distribution, in compliance with the restrictions against light pollution.

SLOT VELA is a versatile post top luminaire for direct and indirect illumination.
The luminaire is an UP-DOWN SLOT fitting with separate lamps and two stand-alone gears for independent operation.
SLOT VELA can be used both with direct and indirect light emission (first simulation) or only with direct downward light emission (second simulation) according to the light pollution regulations.
The use of a specifically shaped optic for the projection on the sail, allows a wide distribution on the ground with a very diffuse effect.
The direct downward optic is engineered to achieve excellent asymmetric light distribution independently from the indirect light emission.

MINISLOT DISK is a post top luminaire with indirect light output that emits a very uniform light distribution at 360°.
A version with zero light emission above 90° is available and supplied with a special round shield that cuts off all upward light and is in compliance with the restrictions against light pollution.
Glare-free effects with excellent visual comfort are obtained through indirect illumination.

The SIMES R&D department, in collaboration with Bartenbach Licht Labor institute, designed the secondary mirror reflector of this pole top.
The 88 independent multi-faceted mirrors give superior optical performances.
The advantages of the MINISLOT AVANT-GARDE are:
- optimum visual comfort;
- perfectly uniform lighting on the ground;
- excellent spacings between the light focus points;
- compliance with the restrictions against light pollution.
Visual comfort and glare-free illumination are very important especially in urban environments, where superior illumination can improve the perception and enjoyment of spaces.