Product description

Acid-etched glass, stainless steel frame

Product family


The evolution of the ZIP range has seen a constant development and improvement in the performance of the reflectors for a more precise light control, the possibility of inserting filters and accessories underneath the glass, and a considerable range extension with new light sources.
Using new reflectors with anti-glare accessories, the light is almost entirely inside the main beam, avoiding any disturbing glare.
ZIP can be used for the illumination of trees to create effects that can be adapted to different types of vegetation just by choosing among the wide range of optics available.
The simulations show different ways of illuminating a tree with a broad distribution of leaves: the best light distribution in this case is achieved with an optic of approximately 49°.
For the illumination of tall, narrow trees, on the other hand, the use of 20° or 6° optics is more suitable.
A façade lit by the same luminaire can have radically different looks depending on the optic chosen for the fitting: from a soft effect to a more uniform one to an extremely marked, dramatic effect.

ZIP DOWNLIGHT is a range of ceiling-recessed light fittings available in square and round versions, supplied with traditional and LED light sources that allow for diverse applications.