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Cobra White 2
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Product description

To keep the symmetric appeal of the representative foyer of this large country house we have designed the staircase with a protruding landing. The staircase wiggles down from the landing and keeps an equal radius throughout the entire stair run. By using the bulky stringers of our COBRA design, we get just the right impact on the room. White and dark brown are an excellent combination. The contrast makes the dark treads to jump forward into the attention of the visitor. Curved glass rounds up the design.

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Our COBRA design has a very big impact to its surrounding space. Due to the wide strings and thick treads it looks heavy but floating at the same time. The design is very variable. Starting with different finishes for the strings, like stainless steel, lacquer in any color, concrete optic, and bronze, silver… the look can be adjusted to many different interior decoration styles. Depending on the choice for finishes and tread material the design is suitable for contemporary interiors, or Asian, or Arabian… Also the choice of treads can change the look. We do have all timbers available as well as glass or steel. For one project the treads have been finished even with leave gold. Get in touch if you seek more information about this stair type and available finishes.