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Siedle Steel Status display module
Siedle Steel function spectrum barrier-free
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Product description

Optical display of operating status in addition to the acoustic acknowledgement signal: Four backlit LED symbols signal the different statuses: "Call", "Not available", "Speech" and "Door release".


With its status display for the hearing impaired, Siedle complies with the requirements of the new DIN 18040 standard “Barrier-free building – Planning principles”. The standard defines the technical requirements that structural works have to fulfil in order to be classified as barrier-free. It demands that door opening and intercom systems should be included in the barrier-free design: “In the case of intercom systems, optical indication is required to show that the called party is ready to hear a message. In the case of manually operated doors with electrical release of the door latch (colloquially door buzzer), the release operation must be signalled by optical means.”
The status display already acknowledges a call at the door by means of an optical signal. Hearing impaired users can also be certain that a caller has actually rung. A further symbol indicates as soon as the other party takes the call. Now it is possible to speak. A third symbol indicates that the door opener has been operated, and a fourth activates when no connection has been established. The status display is available for the systems Inhome, 1+n and Multi as well as for all design series apart from Siedle Select.