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The smoothness that is resistant to stains
Refined translucency with a brilliant appearance, while still maintaining its opacity. This is the highest quality satin glass available. This model is the most versatile and resistant to stains.
Highly appreciated by glaziers for its ease of handling and easyness to clean.

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Satin – modern simplicity
SEVASA is well known for its range of high-quality acid-etched satin glass: SatenGlas®, SatenLux®, LuxMat®, Graduel®. Different opacities, luminosities and finishes allow you to choose its level of luminosity and light diffusion, smooth to the touch, brilliance, resistance to stains and an antireflection action for the most versatile applications. Also available in extra-clear, different colours or mirror-base – also mirror-colour, in different sizes, double-face satin and laminated.

extraclear, clear, bronze, grey, green, blue and mirror.
With mirror base: extra-clear, clear and coloured.

2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15 and 19 mm and laminated (SatenGlas®).
3 to 12 mm and laminated (SatenLux®, LuxMat®).

Standard 201, 225, 240, 252 and 600 x 321 cm (SatenGlas®).
225 x 321 cm (SatenLux®, LuxMat®).
Optional 180 x 321 cm.

2.5kg/m2 per mm thickness.

float glass standard UNE-EN 572-2, mirror standard UNE EN 1036 quality and resistance to corrosion.

- Guaranteed homogenous quality: we use a single source of base-glass to ensure homogeneity between orders, especially important for large-scale installations and construction.
- High production capacity for large projects, with short delivery times.
- Well-known international brands and guaranteed quality backed by 30 years as the market leader.
- SEVASA satin is long-lasting, stain resistant and easy to clean.
- It is resistant to damp and can be exposed to the sun and artificial light. Unchanged by time.
- Easy transformation: cutting, bevelling, curving, drilling, tempering, laminating and suitable for double glazing.
- SEVASA has obtained the Quality ISO 9001 and Environmental Safety ISO 14001 certificates. Strict routine controls give SEVASA the seal of an eco-friendly and sustainable company.

- Construction: roofs, curtain walls, façades, balustrades, etc…
- The creation of interior designs with enclosure systems, dividers, screens, passages, doors, cabins, roofs, skylights, transparent roofs, windows, …
- Wall coverings and glass surfaces.
- General furniture, tables, cupboards, changing rooms, shelves, lights and display cases…