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13,5 x 13,5 x 12,5 cm

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Vas-one Family is a line of pots that reinvents the classic shape of the pot in various sizes (12cm to 180cm), from a miniture version to off-the-scale versions. All sizes of 50cm and above are also available in a version with a fitted light with either an energy-saving bulb or an LED RGB system.
The pot is made from linear low-density polyethylene achieved by rotational moulding. Opaline diffuser with UV protection, 100% recyclable, spun-dyed. High degree of mechanical strength.

Giant vase “BIG BO” designed by Luisa Bocchietto, that represents the evolution of the famous illuminated VAS -ONE (her previous project of 2001) already chosen by Maison et Objet in its introduction of the “Esprit de Contradiction” trends of 2004. This object through time knew the versions in many dimensions and today is introduced this new extraordinary dimension making it the largest vase in industrial production, designed for the furnishing of large urban areas and places with a communication impact. Stretching the rotation moulding technology until reaching its limits and using at the maximum levels the dimensions of a new production machinery especially made, which can mould up to 3,5 m. of diameter, SERRALUNGA wants to highlight through this new extreme dimension of the object that by now became an icon of its production its unquestionable leadership on the subject of design vases.
BIG-BO is available both in the vase version and in the version with the light.
In the version with the light the vase is composed of a double container that allows positioning a large plant, split from the external compartment in which the illuminating lamps are positioned, creating a light effect of the final luminous object, despite its voluntarily huge dimension.