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210 x 80 x 73 cm

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Collaboration with designers Cairoli and Donzelli has produced the Svedese table. The main body of the table functions as a box containing two parts that slide along the inside, making it possible to extend the table along its entire length. The extension is very simple and this piece is made even more attractive by the playful contrasts sparked off by the structural elements and colours. The legs are made from plastic using a rotational moulding method while the top (which combines the two sides of the table) features a metal sheet and is treated to withstand atmospheric agents. The Svedese table is bursting with personality and is a ideal piece of furniture to complement and meet the demands of different spaces, in both indoor and outdoor settings. This item is highly versatile and boasts a light, practical shape. Serralunga is not only synonymous with outdoor design. It is much more than this. Its products do not stop at outdoor looks but are true projects of practical "engineering".

Inspired by a Swedish box of matches we have thought to create an extremely simple extendible table. To achieve the same result with a table, we were not able to use a single material, since the surface had to be resistant yet slender and the structure had to be robust yet light. The surface is made from metal sheet, the legs from plastic. The plastic helps the sheet to slide. The result of this is an object with a basic shape yet unusual due to the many aesthetic results produced with the different combinations of materials and colours that can be obtained, combining differing legs and surfaces in a very simple way.