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Curious and delicate, these could be the first adjectives to describe the new chair designed by Paolo Rizzato for Serralunga. Born from Paolo ‘s curiosity from observing the classic design of paper clips on his office desk, he wondered if it is possible to create a metallic structure that by exploiting the elasticity of the material allows the metal structure to snap into plastic cushions? From this observation, a small work of art was established, firm but light in proportions, perfect for an outdoor environment, but also indoors. The chair is designed in combination between the metal structure of the legs and the geometric shapes of the plastic seats and seatbacks, the natural curvature facilitates draining and the oval hole in the back allows for a good grip to move it with ease.

Materials: seat and back, PE (polyethylene), rotational-moulded with UV protection, 100% recyclable, high mechanical strength, impact resistant, crushproof; structure in painted steel frame
Size: 44 × 53 × h 83 cm — h seduta 47 cm