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Lluna Plena | Nova
Lluna Plena | Nova
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Joan Gaspar >
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Planting-Plant pots >

Product description

Lluna Plena: 40 x 40 x 66 cm
Lluna Nova: 40 x 40 x 120 cm

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LLUNA, impeccably stylish, was designed by Joan Gaspar for Serralunga. It’s multi-functional design with its carefully balanced proportions serves as both vase and outdoor lamp. LLUNA total-white, is a furniture piece ideal for separating outdoor living areas with a touch of elegance by allowing just a little space between the two. Perfect for roof gardens, terraces, public places or alongside a beautiful pool, the result is true design.
Speaking about design, Marco Serralunga says: “Our project of illuminated vases continues, my company was the first to create this innovative concept with this added value. In designing LLUNA, the basic idea was to create a vase-type lamp taking into consideration both the notion of space and ambiance. I firmly believe in the practicality of plastic and together with the functional aspect of the lighting LLUNA is a product that is both innovative and unique. In the late hours of the evening one can relax and enjoy an atmosphere of intimacy created by this complementary piece of outdoor furniture.”
LLUNA can be coordinated with other products creating a total look: pouf/stool, box tables, bottle carrier. With a wide choice of colors, LLUNA adapts to any environment.