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LED - Slide 6/8 wall unit
Slide 4 wall units
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Product description

beleuchtet / MDF lackiert
2000 mm x 841 mm

mattweiß RAL 9016
Art.Nr.: 30.0558.99

mattschwarz RAL 9004
Art.Nr.: 30.0559.99

LED - Tablar beleuchtet / MDF lackiert
700 mm x 320 mm x 46 mm
max. Belastung: 30 kg

mattschwarz RAL 9004
LED Lichtfarbe
warmweiß Art.Nr.: 15.0036.99
kaltweiß Art.Nr.: 15.0037.99
naturweiß Art.Nr.: 15.0038.99

mattweiß RAL 9016
LED Lichtfarbe
warmweiß Art.Nr.: 15.0052.99
kaltweiß Art.Nr.: 15.0053.99
naturweiß Art.Nr.: 15.0054.99

LED - Schrägarm beleuchtet
∅ 25 mm Stahl verchromt
max. Belastung: 20 kg

LED Lichtfarbe
warmweiß Art.Nr.: 15.0039.35
kaltweiß Art.Nr.: 15.0040.35
naturweiß Art.Nr.: 15.0041.35

LED - Frontarm beleuchtet
∅ 25 mm Stahl verchromt
max. Belastung: 25 kg

LED Lichtfarbe / l=250 mm
warmweiß Art.Nr.: 15.0042.35
kaltweiß Art.Nr.: 15.0043.35
naturweiß Art.Nr.: 15.0044.35

LED Lichtfarbe / l=350 mm
warmweiß Art.Nr.: 15.0045.35
kaltweiß Art.Nr.: 15.0046.35
naturweiß Art.Nr.: 15.0047.35


Iserlohn, January 2010 – The times have gone where massive wall units occupied lots of space in the living room. The innovative wall unit systems by Paul Serafini GmbH & Co. KG offer a flexible alternative, which is also easy to install. Those quick-change artists can be used in every room, offering a multitude of options by different components and a wide range of applications.

Next to the existing product portfolio, serafini is presenting its new concept for wall unit design just in time for the trade fair "imm cologne 2010". Different steel and glass elements in combination with serafini's SLIDE system rails are offered as innovative ready-made walls. Emphasis is placed on high-quality rear wall surfaces of coated MDF, as well as the well-proven serafini workmanship. The product range is completed by a black pin board - a brilliant organiser due to an integrated clock.

There are no limits of application due to the different components, which can be hooked into the base rail. Whether with fastening hooks and shelf boards as a wardrobe, with angular shelf boards as an information board or simply as a book shelf or for decoration - the user himself will define the equipment. This can easily be varied by serafini’s SLIDE rail system. Thus, one single wall can have many different functions.

Particularly in a fast-moving time, it is important to respond to different requirements flexibly. At “imm cologne 2010” serafini offers its visitors the opportunity of assuring themselves of the flexibility of the innovative wall systems.