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Rex Coffee Table
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Gestell Buche massiv, Ablagefläche Sperrholz
Offenporig lackiert braun, schwarzbraun, natur
Deckend lackiert weiss, orange, hellgrün

B 63 x T 61 x H 50.5 cm


Proof of a good design are products that sell well over time, outlive the fashion fads and become timeless. Some of these creations can be observed in museums, but only a few succeed in becoming part of our daily lives. The legendary Rex chair is one of them.

Designed in 1952 by award-winning Slovenian designer Niko Kralj, the Rex chair appeals to the trained-and untrained-eye with its simple solid wood construction and fluid folding mechanism. Even at the time of its creation, this timeless form with a perfect functionality appealed to industrial designers as well as design lovers. Its timelessness is proven by the fact that even today, almost sixty years later, as it is brought back to life, it is still a popular and trendy item.

From a comfortable folding chair to a decorative collectors’ item
After it was chosen for the design collection of the Museum of Modern Arts (MoMA) in New York, REX Chair became an object of desire around the world. 2 million satisfied customers and numerous international awards are a solid proof of its popularity. Besides the famous REX Chair, the REX KRALJ Folding Furniture Collection also includes lounge chair, rocking chair, daybed and table. It’s chameleon-like nature allows it to fit anywhere and appeal to each and every personality. Each piece can easily transform from a decorative collector's item into comfortable folding piece of furniture.
It’s a steal of a deal- for only 179 € you can own a REX KRALJ original and at the same time a comfortable folding armchair.

REX chair is UNIQUE: Ergonomic, Foldable and Aesthetically Pleasing
This beautifully designed chair offers just the right kind of comfort. Its clean minimalistic design and contemporary elegance takes full account of ergonomics and fits the body perfectly. The spaces between the slats create a delightful airy feeling, giving you a feeling of floating and a pleasant sense of relaxation. Despite its storage capability, the design’s wide, comfortable seat and backrest, and sloping armrests invite frequent use at home, in a lounge or an office. When folded, the armchair measures less than six inches wide. (H 29.5″ W 23.5″ D 24″ Seat H 14″ Folded: H 23.5″ W 29″ D 4.5″)