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High performance architectural precast concrete, fair-faced
High performance architectural precast concrete, fair-faced
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Hering International
Architectural precast concrete Mix 28/12 White, fair-faced

Product description
This high performance architectural precast concrete has an extremely homogenous fair-face finish and brilliant white appearance.
To achieve a high quality concrete with excellent surface definition and minimal colouring, the finest grade white cement, highest quality sand and dolomite aggregate has been used. However, these premium ingredients do lead to increased cost.
The pristine fair-faced finish requires a regular cleaning program as any marks or dirt will be very visible. A protective sealant or coating is recommended for increased longevity.
Massive structural and complex geometric forms, only limited by the transportation infrastructure, can be achieved by architectural precast concretes (up to 6 x 4m) . They are very heavy but highly durable.
A proprietary reinforcement product ‘betoShell’ can be incorporated to reduce panel thicknesses.
Concrete is not recyclable but downcycling is possible.

Intended applications
• External envelope
• Structural

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