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Full bodied porcelain stone analogue, structured
Full bodied porcelain stone analogue, structured
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Limra, structured

Product description
This full bodied porcelain is consistently coloured throughout the body of the tile meaning that any surface scratches or damage will be less noticeable than non through body coloured products.
Pigmented with Zirconium, it has a brilliant white appearance not achievable with alternative pigments, though the use of Zirconium leads to greater expense.
A highly durable product, it is suitable for a wide range of demanding applications. The structured finish provides a slip resistant surface suitable for external flooring and wet areas
The extremely low porosity of the product means that it has good chemical, weather and frost resistance.
Low production tolerances allow small joint lines of around 2mm.
This product is not fully recyclable but can be downcycled.

Intended applications
• External envelope
• Internal cladding
• External flooring
• Internal flooring

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