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Fabric & Light
Modular construction and assembly concepts for textile surfaces having light and acoustic absorption properties.

The fabric & light module CIELUMA in which light-technical innovations and the material properties of technical fabrics contribute multiple benefits simultaneously. This new light solution is presented in an intentionally reduced form language. With its pure and even construction – without visible design features – the system is ideal as a lighting element which gives the architect and lighting planner the freedom to make their own stylistic marks.

Optimal lighting and acoustically effective materials make a measurable difference to personal comfort and well-being in spaces dominated by hard construction materials such as concrete, glass, and metal. The positive effect on spatial acoustics through the application of two layers of SEFAR Architecture fabric is achieved because the double membrane acts like an air cushion, noticeably reducing direct reverberations, reflections and echoes. Benefits, which could otherwise only be achieved by the addition of echo-reducing structures.

light cieling, light wall, stand alone or together