Screen and partition in just a few steps. Design: speziell®

Anyone wanting to combine open-plan office design with the need for confidentiality and distraction-free zones will find the perfect solution in viswall. Each viswall is a two-panel screen consisting of fully rotating slats which stand on a sturdy base plate. Because the fabric-covered panels rotate, viswall is able to provide slight transparency, complete transparency or total visual protection. Thanks to the pointed base plates, the modules can be positioned in a row, staggered or oriented in different directions.

The two slats are fully rotating.

Configuration options
Combination of three elements to create a corner.

Overall height: 1650 mm
Overall width: 800 mm
Slat height: 1625 mm
Slat width: 380 mm
Base plate: 800 x 280 mm

Base plate
White aluminium

Textile skin
Atlantic fabric in 12 monochrome colours
Atlantic fabric “flowers” in 2 colours

Additional features
Acoustic filling made of polyester fleece