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For perfect office organisation.
Shelving for documents, desk paraphernalia and personal items, a place to sit and standing workstation, a room divider, technology platform and extension of the desk area, stationary and mobile – the mobile pedestal range from Sedus offers far more than just storage space. This intelligently designed and highly flexible system assists in the day-to-day running of the office and also helps to ensure optimised and efficient work flows.

A workplace assistant: The personal pedestal.
The desk-height and under-desk pedestals are available in various heights, with and without castors. They can be parked under the desk, positioned to one side or used around the office – the choice is yours! Their linear shape and numerous design options mean they dovetail perfectly into all office interiors; from classically elegant styles to more modern looks.

Masters of flexibility: Mobile pedestals.
The Sedus mobile pedestals can be put to good use in a number of areas in the office. With their various features and fittings they can be used as flexible storage and catering furniture, whilst their height means that they are also suitable as room dividers, communication elements and standing workstations. They are available with tambour fronts and a higher back panel which features a functional rail as standard.

Tall pedestals.
The slimline tall pedestals are both elegant in appearance and extremely flexible. Suitable for folders and hanging file folders and available in three different depths, these offer plenty of storage space. At the height of a standing table, they can be used as room dividers providing both visual and acoustic screening, and can also act as a focal point for spontaneous meetings.

Technical pedestals.
These bring the technology required directly to the desk; this means that the computer unit, printer or multifunctional devices and printing paper are always on hand. The back panel is permeable to air and the cable guidance is discreet. Lockable drawers on either the right or left hand side can be used to house everything else required at the workstation.

Companies, people and the environment all benefit.
Sedus is committed to transforming working in an office into a profitable experience for all, for the benefit of both companies and their employees. This mission statement is laid down in the corporate policy and encompasses all of the aspects which are so vitally important for office work.
Place 2.5 stands for the new office culture of productive well-being. The concept is based on perfect ergonomics, functionality and working conditions.
Design, light, acoustics, atmosphere and air are just some of the other elements. The result is office environments designed to enhance well-being, in which people like to work and are therefore more productive. Sedus’ thinking is holistic and customer-oriented: companies today require not just office furniture but needs-orientated solutions for efficient working processes. What they want is future-proof office working environments that are consistent with the corporate culture. Sedus delivers just that with its comprehensive, flexible product range and with its individual consulting and planning services. Quality and sustainability have been the cornerstone of Sedus’ success for more than 50 years now. In addition to working in a way that conserves resources, designing products which are recyclable, using ecologically tested materials and being energy-aware in its manufacturing, Sedus pursues one thing above all else: product quality that lasts, because that’s what is best for the environment.