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With its multifunctional approach, the new “get together” bench programme offers all the prerequisites for a mobile and flexible way of working together. Particularly in the central zones of offices too, the system meets the requirements of models for temporary use such as hot desking or smart working. It is a platform for quickly coming together for creative interaction.

Conceptually, “get together” is designed as a consistently modular system in four systematised configuration levels. Planners have the ability to optimally match workplaces to users and to customer needs. Different top sizes, and individual features thanks to numerous accessories, provide scope for creative design.

The convenient attachment of accessories such as function bridges, cable channel, privacy screens, monitor support, hanging elements, magazine holder, desk organiser and adapter lights mean the workplace can be quickly and easily adapted to changing circumstances. In just a few moments a classic workplace can be turned into a touchdown workplace for creative work, a project table or a meeting table without accessories. Other options result from placing an end workstation at the front end, attaching an add-on shelf, a returntable or a third level.

Thanks to the variety of possible applications, “get together” is one of the user-orientated responses from Sedus to the changes in the working world and the trend that routine activities and rigid structures are increasingly giving way to flexible project work.

Whether the focus is on efficient models for the use of space or the encouragement of collaboration makes no difference. Top dimensions of 3200 x 1600 mm, for example, correspond to a bench for 4 and are suitable for classic and long-term working in one place. Smaller top dimensions with a width of e.g. 2400 x 1600 mm are suitable for short-term usage in the sense of hot desking with less room available, but offer the most efficient use of space. This makes room for more workplaces or for central zones with communication areas. Leg frame variants as A- and 4-leg versions are available for the product family's double benches, the tops can be planned as one or two pieces.

Simple handling by means of a quick brace makes the system easy to assemble, allowing fast setup and reconfiguration. In addition to the conceptual advantages, an additional benefit is being able to quickly adapt to organisational changes.

Sedus also provides sustainability down to the last detail, with “Made in Germany” quality, reduction to the bare essentials and, for example, jointless edge processing of melamine finishes or real wood veneers from sustainable forestry.