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black dot
black dot
Sedus Stoll >
Michael Kläsener >, Stephan A. Preisig >
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Office chairs-Task chairs >
Office chairs-Management chairs >
Office chairs-Task chairs >
Office chairs-Management chairs >

Product description

Swivel chair
with high backrest and polished aluminium base

Product family


Self-confident. Proud. Intelligent. Sedus black dot is a family of swivel chairs and conference chairs. The swivel chairs are the creation of Michael Kläsener; the conference chairs were designed by Stephan A. Preisig. Quality that lasts plus sophisticated design – combined with a whole range of features. Maximum mobility, thanks to innovative technology like the dorsokinetic mechanism, makes these chairs unique. Freedom of movement is an essential aid to creative thinking. In a new office culture. Offering a new work experience.

Sedus black dot net
The Sedus black dot net swivel chairs score points for their distinctive looks, unique comfort and transparent membrane backrest; ideal conditions for a motivational workplace, in which employees are productive and enjoy working. This is Sedus Place 2.5 – the new office culture of productive well-being. 

Rounding off the range are the comfortable conference and visitor chairs, which carry the ethos of the design through to every detail. 4-leg and cantilever models are also available. All of this choice allows for uniform but varied office design.