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acoustic mood wall
acoustic mood wall
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Sedus: Professional sound absorption with acoustic mood wall

The “acoustic mood wall” launched by furniture manufacture Sedus is a wall design element suitable for professional sound absorption, especially in rooms with acoustically hard surfaces. The product is an easy-to-apply means of improving room acoustics while simultaneously helping to keep the air clean and regulate humidity. Thanks to the use of hemp and wool in the product, the “acoustic mood wall” is 100 per cent sustainable. Six designs and a variety of different formats make it possible to match it ideally to the existing interior design of the room.

The “acoustic mood wall”, the new acoustically effective design element for offices, meets the requirements for sound absorption class A. Available in different square and rectangular formats of 600 x 600/1200/1800/2400 mm and 1200 x 1200 mm and two thicknesses (55 and 95 mm), it can be attached to a wall horizontally or vertically or can simply be suspended from the ceiling. Up to three colours from a set range of colours can be selected for each element.
The “acoustic mood wall” consists of a folding wooden cassettelike holder with an embedded layer of hemp and wool and is covered in fabric. While the hemp layer in the core is acoustically effective, the layer of wool helps to clean the air and regulate humidity besides having sound-dampening qualities. Rails for wall mounting are supplied with the product and have to be attached to the wall where required. If it is to be suspended vertically, frame elements of the appropriate size are available. Either screws or clips can be used for fastening purposes.

What is especially innovative is the combination of renewable natural materials such as hemp and wool. Manufacture of these materials involves little use of energy and a positive CO2 balance.
Hemp grows very fast, needs neither fertilizer nor insecticides and has a very high yield per acre. For the “acoustic mood wall”, the hemp fibres as well as the so-called shives, which are the woody part of the plant, are used. The wool removes pollutants from the air, is negatively ionised and therefore does not attract fine particulates. Hemp and wool also have outstanding sound-absorbing characteristics. The new Sedus product thus combines freedom in terms of design and professional sound-absorption with quality and ecology.

It can be used in individual or group offices, open space offices, meet- ing and seminar rooms, reception areas, corridors and waiting zones but is especially suitable for spaces with acoustically hard surfaces such as cafeterias and company canteens.