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4F 2
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4F 2 is a system for thermal break add-on glass faҫades of large dimensions, with the possibility of utilizing and combining on the interior and on the exterior different materials such as steel, stainless steel, corten, brass and wood.
The use of mullions and transoms of great inertia and reduced size allows for the construction of bright faҫades with extensive glass surfaces, leaving the designer maximum freedom to prepare the design of the views and their structure.
4F 2 with its complete range of profiles and gaskets, offers made-to-measure solutions for high-performing glass structures of any type and thickness.
The covers in steel, stainless steel, corten steel and burnished brass with their reduced size of 50 mm enhance the views with the qualities of lightness and elegance, leaving glass and the light itself as the protagonists.
Performance of the 4F 2 has been tested by the best European certification laboratories in conformity with the standard EN 1383 regulations.

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