Essential Dual

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An exclusive Scrigno patent, Essential Dual is a frame based on an evolution of the Essential and Granluce models. A frame designed with the Wall-Door System that allows two sliding glass doors linked by a sliding system to disappear into the frame, eliminating the doorpost and edging trims. Wall thickness 10.5 cm, thickness of glass doors 1 cm.
The special feature of Essential Dual is that it can be built into a normal wall with a thickness of just 10.5 cm, and the glass doors have a thickness of 1 cm.
Available only in the single-door version for masonry walls. Also available in non-standard sizes with heights variable in steps of 1 cm.


Essential flush doors by Scrigno
Essential is a range of doors and counter frames created by Scrigno using the Door-Wall system. Sliding and swing doors with hidden doorposts and lintels. In this design all of the external elements have been eliminated, reducing the external finishes to a minimum. Physically and visually, the wall is free of doorposts and other finishes, creating fluidity and continuity in the openings between one room and another. Essential doors that leave room for design, plans, decor. The door is Essential, the style is independent, the quality is Scrigno.
Manufacturer Scrigno
Family Essential By Scrigno
Architonic ID 1505066

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