Our lives are changing radically. Work and leisure time are being fused together through new methods of communication, the development of the information age and altered demands on life and work. The desire for a high quality of life, a dynamic career and independence make it necessary to develop new working environments. Open and transparent rooms invite an exchange of ideas. We want to be able to integrate our working and living environments. Our wide board is designed to be more than a storage place for plates, files or clothes. This hybrid piece is both cupboard and blackboard at the same time. The two vertically moveable frontboards, measuring 3 x 1 meters, are both a blank canvas and an exhibition board.

Artistic Surface
The wide board is a blank canvas that you can turn into a work of art.

Create Your Own Picture
With a choice of a white or a black surface, the wide board offers much space for your own ideas: list appointments, news, surprises, thoughts, sketches, drawings, greetings, invitations, family plans… The possibilities are endless.

Let your wide board do the talking
On the white board surface you can pin up holiday photos, timetables, headlines, gift ideas, postcards, invitation lists, tickets and telephone numbers. Create a picture your life that you can change at any time.

The surface of the corpus in the basic version is made in Melamin white. This corpus can be delivered in additional colours and surfaces upon request. The interior of the corpus can be divided in various ways: lower shelves, drawers, hanging file drawers, … Individual width of the corpus are available upon request.
The board is more than just a classic front of a cabinet, it can be provided as a black or white board (writable surface or magnetic surface), coloured or decorated board or artwork, …

312 x 50 x H 240 cm
286 x 50 x H 220 cm
250 x 50 x H 200 cm