We desire more choice and flexibility. This applies not only to our time – but also to our space. Thankfully, the KW2 room divider allows efficient solutions to meet our requirements. The three gently curved KW2 wall modules can be easily positioned and quickly re-arranged by a single person. As quick as you like, whenever you like! The modules are as light as a feather and mounted on ball castors. The clever module geometry provides the necessary stability - in each and every position. The KW2 surface is covered with genuine wool felt, which permanently improves acoustic comfort and the ambient conditions in a room. Due to its elegant shape and easy use, KW2 creates distinct, flexible spaces and ensures innovative partitioning solutions time and time again - in offices, waiting areas and homes.
When fully closed, KW2 is just 180/150 cm high, 45 cm deep and 83 cm wide; but can open up to a maximum width of 260 cm.