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The Schmidlin FLOOR shower area gives your bathroom a spacious, elegant feel. Schmidlin FLOOR fits flush to any bathroom floor. The slope to the central drain is barely noticeable but ensures the water drains away quickly. Low installation height: 6.5cm high installation for vertical drainage, 11cm for lateral drainage. Optimum soundproofing: if installed correctly, the shower area meets the stricter requirements of soundproofing standard SIA 181, “Soundproofing in Building Construction”. High drainage capacity: the drainage capacity of 0.85 l/s is significantly faster than average. Safe standing space: the slope from the corners to the central drain outlet is so gentle that the surface is practically level, giving you a generous, safe standing area. The sunken outlet cover means there is nothing to trip over. Enamelled cover: the cover is made from enamelled steel and is available in the same colour as the shower floor. Square corners: The corners have a very small radius, making them practically square. This allows the shower area to be fitted into the floor with a fine silicone joint.

Material: Glazed titanium steel.

Available in 46 standard sizes:
80x80x2,5 cm, 90x70x2,5 cm, 90x75x2,5 cm
90x80x2,5 cm, 90x90x2,5 cm, 100x70x2,5 cm,
100x75x2,5 cm, 100x80x2,5 cm, 100x90x2,5 cm,
100x100x2,5 cm, 110x75x2,5 cm, 110x80x2,5 cm,
110x90x2,5 cm, 110x100x2,5 cm, 120x70x2,5 cm,
120x75x2,5 cm, 120x80x2,5 cm, 120x90x2,5 cm,
120x100x2,5 cm, 120x120x2,5 cm, 130x75x2,5 cm,
130x80x2,5 cm, 130x90x2,5 cm, 130x100x2,5 cm,
140x70x2,5 cm, 140x75x2,5 cm, 140x80x2,5 cm,
140x90x2,5 cm, 140x100x2,5 cm, 150x70x2,5 cm,
150x75x2,5 cm, 150x80x2,5 cm, 150x90x2,5 cm,
150x100x2,5 cm, 160x70x2,5 cm, 160x75x2,5 cm,
160x80x2,5 cm, 160x90x2,5 cm, 160x100x2,5 cm,
170x75x2,5 cm, 170x80x2,5 cm, 170x90x2,5 cm,
170x100x2,5 cm, 180x80x2,5 cm, 180x90x2,5 cm,
180x100x2,5 cm

Various colors and options available.