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The cleverly staggered stripes of the TIVOLI design recall the walls of city buildings, the brownstone houses in New York or the brick-built houses in Amsterdam for example. Each of the three colourways radiates its own mood: the gold tones of “mandarine” send out joyful mirth like sunbeams, the cool colours of “topaze” have a fresh effect, the bright, strong colours of “cardinal” radiate cheerfulness.

Satin Noblesse is woven from pure, long-fibre cotton. Because the yarn is so fine, the fabric is very light and tightly woven. As a result, Satin Noblesse, also called Swiss Satin, weighs only 105 gram per square metre, but at the same time has a thread density of 110 threads per square centimetre. Satin Noblesse from SCHLOSSBERG feels wonderfully smooth, fresh and soft, and stands out for its incomparably beautiful and fine sheen.

Only the extra-long fibres of Egyptian cotton are used to make Jersey Royal from SCHLOSSBERG. The yarn is twisted to form a strong thread, singed, mercerised and knitted up into an especially light, fine single-jersey. A square metre of Jersey Royal weighs only 120 gram, and a square centimetre contains 200 tiny stitches. Jersey Royal, recognisable by the extremely delicate stitch pattern and its silky sheen, is particularly soft on the skin and easy to care for.