Product description

A real beauty queen, without make-up.
A follower of fashion without being a fashion victim, it has a classic beauty but without falling into the usual clichés. A real example of elegance, with a soap and water charm: it is Natural Miss B Antishock.

Shockproof polycarbonate body, available in translucent, smoked grey or solid white colour and natural beech frame. For even more glamorous and comfortable seating,

Miss B Antishock dresses up with a comfy cushion available in the variant in woven anthracite fabric or amethyst loop velvet. Miss B Antishock is a product suitable for many settings, ideal both for the home and in public places.

Dimensions: 58x60x77h cm.

Product family


Polycarbonate main body in a wide range of translucent or solid colours. Available with different types of frame, which make it a versatile product, suitable for the home and for use in public places.

For indoor use.