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Axess is SBFI’s most versatile trading desk to date, its extrusion based frame delivers trading desk infrastructure with office desk refinement, this flexibility allows Axess to convert from office to remote blade PC to trading and water cooled trading applications all from the same set of core components.

Axess heat management is the best in its class and has been independently tested at all levels. Heat gain from high density CPU usage is one of the key driving forces of today’s trading floor designs; all Axess desks designs deliver neutral user thermal comfort with no heat loss or leaks.

Access to cables and designated cable routes has shaped the contours of the supporting extrusions; cables can be embedded into the frame for protection and clearly guided for intuitive routing.

Worksurface height adjustment is available across the range in incremental, manual crank handle or electric and not only allows for rapid access to IT equipment but also complies with all British and European Ergonomic Excellence standards. All of these options are available from the same frame and can even be added after the initial installation.

Flat screen display’s can be installed using various options, slat-wall, or vertical post mounts and with no requirement for tools to adjust the monitors, moves and change time are kept to the absolute minimum.